About me


A warm Hello to everybody who ist passing by and reading my lines!
Thank you in advance:)

My name is Andrea and I´m living over twelve years in Gran Canaria, Canary Islands.

Therefore at this side of life I have chosen the sunny side of life!

I´ve got equipped with a lots of creativity! Therefore I belong to the people who are multi talented and learned and worked not only in one profession. Sometimes, even now, I do two three four different kind of works parallel. And I love it!! Life is never getting bored! It´s so exciting!

My way started with 19 as a texter in an advertising agency and there I slipped in to advertising graphics. In this field I worked my way up to an Creative Director.

On the side, because I always was searching for the question, why do we live and I always liked to support other people to solve out their challenges, I made many trainings and studies including a psychologist studies and worked over twenty years in this profession.

Also I love the beautiful things in life. So I started also a study in Interior Designs and Feng Shui. This helped me later to create, design and built a four star hotel in Costa Rica.

In my High School time I got in touch the first time with a camera and the dark room. This passion I picked up many years ago and at the moment I give my photographs the biggest part in my life!

I discovered very intense the love toward to the nature, flowers and greens!

Now, after a few years it turned out for me, it is the right time to create a book.

This is a gift for the people and certainly to me as well!

A homage toward to life, the love, the joy and the fortune!

If you like to follow my blog: www.andreanagel.com you will be up to date and get not only book informations but also other pictures and thoughts which belongs to my thoughts, feelings and life!

Hope we keep in touch and I wish you a beautiful time!




„In nature lies all the wisdom and truth!“


„We look in wonder at a flower and see the divine in its beauty and realise we too are of divine nature!“


NOTIZ: Bitte bedenken Sie, dass alle meine Bilder ohne meine schriftliche Genehmigung nicht verwendet werden dürfen! ©

NOTICE: Please bear in mind: All pictures are not allowed to use without my personal permission! ©


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