A walk in heaven

Salzsee_ImHimmelImSee_Spaziergang1_Turkey_01_Andrea Nagel

A walk in heaven.
Tuz Gölü.

Silence, Peace and Harmony!
One of the most beautiful places I ever visited! And I´ve seen a lot… 🙂

Salzsee_Frau_Turkey_ON1_CoolBlue01_Andrea Nagel

Salzsee_ImHimmelImSee_Turkey_01_Andrea Nagel

Salzsee_ImHimmel_Turkey__ON1_CoolBlue01_Andrea Nagel

Salzsee_ImHimmelImSee_Spaziergang_Turkey_01_Andrea Nagel

Andrea Nagel

Hi! I´m Andrea living in the Canry Islands at Gran Canaria. Trying to leave this place a little bit better than I found it.


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