Yedİ Göller, Seven Lakes

YediGöller_Turkey_Andrea Nagel

This is my favorite picture.
I took it in the very early morning. It looks like a fairy-tale. When you stay at the shore and feel the silence, peace and calmness it is, like you are in another world! You are just waiting that an elfe or an dwarf is jumping out behind one bush or tree… or Peter Pan is flying around…

As I wrote, my main goal was Cappadocia and I stood there only a few hours. But in this few hours I decided, I will come back in the middle of October. A friend told me to visit Yedİ Göller that time it is like the „Indian Summer“ in the northern American Continent.
However very seldom I´ve been at such a beautiful place!

YediGöller_Turkey_4_Andrea Nagel

YediGöller_Turkey_5_Andrea Nagel

YediGöller_Turkey_6_Andrea NagelIMG_9320 Kopie

My tent 🙂

Andrea Nagel

Hi! I´m Andrea living in the Canry Islands at Gran Canaria. Trying to leave this place a little bit better than I found it.

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