On the road through Turkey

On the road in Turkey_Ü_Andrea Nagel

A week ago I returned back from a two weeks trip from Turkey.
My main goal was Cappadocia. Another destination of my dream places in the world and on my Top Ten Wish List. Different circumstances made it possible and I was very happy! When dreams come true!
Even now, when I look through my pictures, work on them and the 2800 km by car passing by infront of my eyes. It´s like making the trip again!
Hopefully many trips to Turkey will follow. Because this country is a stunning one. I felt in love with the more then kind people I met and certainly with landscapes and culture!

My trip started in Istanbul, leaded me to the Yedi Göller National Park, better known as the Seven Lakes, Bursa, Ankara, Konya, Antalya, Kaş, Marmaris to Izmir where my trip ended, I took the plane back to Istanbul and then back home to Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain.
So I made a big circel and came back with over 2000 pictures in my back pack.
This trip was one of my most beautiful adventures and Cappadocia was for me breathtaking beautiful and touched me deeply!!

I will post the next time bit by bit station to station my pictures and hope you enjoy it as much I do!


Pictures and words done with Love


On the way to Yedi Göller:

OnTheWayTo_YediGöller_Turkey_Andrea NagelOnTheWayTo_YediGöller_Turkey_1_Andrea Nagel20160604_192748

In 1600 m above sea level it was quite chilly! So a warm chat and hot tea was the best solution!

20160604_194334 KopieOnTheWayTo_YediGöller_Turkey_2_Andrea Nagel


Andrea Nagel

Hi! I´m Andrea living in the Canry Islands at Gran Canaria. Trying to leave this place a little bit better than I found it.

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